Thursday, April 11, 2019

Embroiled in Action, Betrayal and Soulmates with Gunner by Elaine Barris

I started a multi-author series A Vampire's Thirst not sure what I would find. I have never really read a multi-Author series before so this is something new for me.  Hopefully, you will bear with me through this.  
I love vampire and shifter books.  I have since I was young. I love the air of mystery around them.  I also love detective novels and romance.  Gunner managed to blend all three making this reader's heart overjoyed.  With a betrayal and a mystery wrapped within a paranormal world where mating and soulmates are very real, this story hooks from the first paragraph.  The characters within it are wonderful.  From the moment Gunner was introduced, I loved him.  Imogen is someone I want to be best friends with.  Blaine is loyal and Piper is funny and sweet but it was Lee who held my interest the most.  He was different than most shifters and was able to represent the sweet and alpha traits in a way that was new.  I absolutely adore him.  The plot of the story is fast paced with plenty of action but brought the heat to boiling during the romantic scenes.  It was a perfect balance where I was not bored at any time during the story.  
I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series.  Gunner has given me high hopes.  I would recommend this book for those who like vampires, shifters, detective stories, romance and action.  I do not recommend this book for the kiddos.

Book Cover: 5+
Book rating: 5++  

Monday, March 25, 2019

Giving Away Pieces of My Heart with Pieces of Me by Laura Farr

I'm sorry for the hiatus.  I had some family issues to deal with.  Thank you for your patience but I'm back and with a new author!  I have not read any of Laura Farr's books so I opened this one not knowing what to expect.
The truth is, it had me hooked from the beginning.  Of course it starts sad with the death of Cooper's wife leaving him with a newborn daughter.  It was heartbreaking but I ended up rooting for Cooper's happy ending right from the start.  The main female lead, Lexi is likeable and relatable and the banter between the two is heartwarming and I quickly fell in love with them being together.  As a matter of fact, I craved it.  The scenes between them were everything from heart melting to hot as sin.  It is rare to find both but I found it in this book.  I want to talk about the other characters.  Bella is so sweet.  I love that little girl.  She was full of energy and sassy.  I just want to hug her.  Cooper's sister, Maddie is the friend I want to have. Alex is the perfect male friend.  He's supportive and wants what is best for his friend.  
The setting of Oceanside is a paradise in its own right.  The beach, the shops and the ocean provide for a romantic setting that helps with the sentimentality of Cooper and Lexi's outings as well as when Lexi is out with Bella.  
The plot is so endearing and perfectly laid out so it has quickly become a book to read when I need something that lifts me up.  It's not one that I will get tired of.  As a matter of fact, I finished it today and am going through a bit of book grief.  I already want to read it again.  I feel lucky to have read this story.  That's what you want to feel after reading a good book.    
I will be Pieces of Me in paperback.  I want to thank Laura Farr for writing this story.  It will entertain me many times in the future.  
I recommend this book for people who want a sweet but hot romance and those who like vivid imagery.  I would not recommend this book for minors.  There is a bit naughtiness.  

Book Cover: 5+++  (Cooper's hot!) 
Book Rating: 5+++

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Having A Hell of a Time with Hale By Daphne Loveling

So, I have reviewed every book in this series so far (Check in previous posts).  I was really excited about reading this book because every other book has been awesome.  It didn't take me long to realize that we would be immersed in the Ironwood Chapter of The Lords of Carnage.  I squealed a little.  (Okay a lot.)  So, big grin here.  
As always, Daphne Loveling has the hottest men who are wonderfully alpha and mouth watering in every way imaginable.  Hale was no exception.  Protective and dominant in every chapter.  I just fell in love with him.  Kylie was tough but sweet.  Daphne has a way of putting together characters who you can't see with anyone else and honestly, I couldn't see Hale with anyone but Kylie.  Of course the minor characters are well-developed but honestly, this book was pretty much ruled by Hale and Kylie though I am really interested in the Ironwood chapter now.  (So, you will definitely be getting a series review from that series.) 
The plot took me on a ride that pulled feelings and made my heart pound.  She set it up in a way that was emotional but also healing.  As always, she made this connected to family and brotherhood but this story was ruled by the past and present and moving forward.  The romance was catch me on fire scorching.  
So, I bow down to the Queen of Hot Bikers and Tough Ol' Ladies.  I will gladly hand her the chrome crown.  I can't wait for more!  
I recommend this book for anyone who loves motorcycles, alpha men, strong women, hot encounters and a lot of chrome.  I do not recommend this for minors for obvious reasons.  

Book Cover Rating: 5++++  
Book Rating: 5+++ (I'm just joining the club at this point.) 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Sinful Serenade Series by Crystal Kaswell Review

The Sinful Serenade Series started out as just another series but as I grew to love each character and their stories, it became so much more.  I laughed and definitely cried with this series.  Crystal Kaswell is the queen of pulling the heartstrings.  It is obvious that she works hard on making her characters real and not generically contrived.  There are definitely no cookie cutter stories here.  I will be getting this series for my bookshelf.  I truly enjoyed every second of reading this series and I recommend it for anyone who loves a story that will pull emotions from you.  Definitely, do not wear mascara with these, you'll cry sad tears, happy tears and all the tears in between.  

Series Rating: 5+

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Heartstrings Are Pulled with Sinful Ever After by Krystal Caswell

I opened this last book a bit sad that the series was coming to an end.  Crystal Kaswell introduces all of her characters telling the tale of what happens after each of their books close.  Most people are okay with assuming the characters had a happily ever after once their stories close and I thought I was one of those people until I read this book.  Crystal Kaswell is the ultimate puller of heartstrings and solidified their relationships in a way that leaves the reader knowing that true love conquers all.  Though the characters are ones that I was used to, she gave their stories a new life and a continuity that will live on.  Though I was happy with the way the other books ended, this book gave me something I didn't know I needed, closure.  It is worth the read and I promise it will pull at your heartstrings too.  

Book Cover Rating: 5+
Book Rating: 5

Friday, December 21, 2018

Playing With My Emotions with Play Your Heart Out by Crystal Kaswell

When you read a good book it sends you on a journey.  This one did that.  I was already attached to Pete and the previous characters or can I call them people because that's how they feel to me.  Mrs. Kaswell made these characters real.  Again, she gave them real problems and made them perfect in their imperfections.  I could really relate to Jess.  I think most people who have witnessed alcohol abuse from someone they love can and I know most can relate to Pete.  Her descriptions of them are wonderful but there is true emotion and heart in each character.  I have truly fallen in love with them.  Well, all of them but Aiden but again, that's what should happen when the guy is making your lead's lives difficult.  
This is the fourth book in the series and by that time there should be a world to build on that is consistent.  She did that very well, adding new places and vivid descriptions as she went.  She truly does this justice.  
The plot is moving but the thing about her books is she has this tendency to tear my heart out before piecing it back together and I love her for it.  That emotion is what people read books for.  So, here's my heart Crystal Kaswell...obliterate it...As long as you keep putting it together so tremendously.  
I recommend this book for anyone who loves romance, bands and stories that have a heart and soul.  I do not recommend this book for children because they will learn about the birds and the bees within its pages.  

Book Cover Rating: 5+
Book Rating: 5+ 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Rocking My Emotions with Rock Your Heart Out by Crystal Kaswell

I was definitely looking forward to this book.  Tom is my favorite of the band so far and Crystal Kaswell took her time to develop him.  Also, Willow's back story had been hinted at and I was curious about what had happened to her.  I wasn't as worried about going into this book because she had done so well with the second book.  So, I opened the book to see what she had done with my favorite bad boy in Sinful Serenade.  
I am pretty familiar with the setting by now except this time they were on tour so I got to move deeper into band life and the intricate workings within.  Also, I found out why their manager is rarely around and that actually gave more depth to Tom's character.  
And speaking of Tom...He's just so cocky and sexy and though he may seem shallow at times, he has a good heart.  He cares for his family and his friends.  He puts himself in situations for them that are endearing.  He has a low opinion of his self-worth that is heartbreaking.  Willow is a strong woman who has faced flames and walked out a phoenix.  I love her stubbornness and her ability to raise her chin and face things even when she's hurt.  Together Tom and Willow push and pull each other and I would say they are fire together but they aren't...They're a freaking explosion.  
The story itself is emotional and pulls you through the pain and heartache and lust and love in a way that keeps you engaged.  It deals with family and friendships in a way that makes you want to continue to turn the pages.  There is sex in this book and it's hot as the hinges of hell's gates.  One other thing I will say is that Crystal Kaswell knows how to set up for the next story.  I thought Tom would be the climax but she started showing us more of Pete and he's made me conflicted.  There is a very good chance that he will become my favorite after reading the next book.  
I do recommend this book for anyone who likes bands, rocking out, love and lust.  I do not recommend this for anyone below the age of eighteen.  

Book Cover Rating: 5
Book Rating: A flaming hot 5