Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Soul Searching Review of Dead Girls Don't Blog by Pamela Frost Dennis

I started Dead Girls Don't Blog by Pamela Frost Dennis unsure as to what I would find when I opened the book and began to read.  What I found was a story that surprised me.  Mrs. Dennis wrote her story in a way that twisted my mind and made me question what would be right or wrong.  As I journeyed through this book, I found myself questioning what I would do in a similar situation.  I will admit that I did take my time with this book because of the extreme emotions the story incited.  I had to analyze not only the book but myself.  So, please remember that as I write this review.  
I'll start with the setting.  I loved that the story took place in Santa Lucia, California.  It gave a vibrant backdrop to a very sad story.  The setting showed a nice neighborhood along with a college atmosphere ripe with fraternities and sororities.  I have to give Mrs. Dennis kudos for that.  The setting allowed some light into a dark situation.
Now, I will get to the characters.  I loved Katy.  She made me smile and she seemed like someone that I would be friends with.  Equally, I loved her mother, father, Sam and grandmother, Ruby and of course, Josh the Viking too.  Even her pets, Daisy and Tabitha were wonderful.  Surprisingly, I found that I liked Jake and Phil and that's where my feelings become conflicted.  I can understand these characters.  I can understand what led them to their fates and it shook me.
That leads me to the story itself.  When I pick up a book, I want conflicts and emotion but I also want something that makes me think.  This book did that.  It made me think and see mistakes.  This book made me experience humanity in a very raw form.  So, I am in awe of the talent of Mrs. Pamela Frost Dennis.  
So, now I am to the part where I give something that I disliked about the book.  The problem is that I couldn't find one thing wrong.  I loved it.  I can't wait to read book two.  Thank you for a wonderful story, Pamela Frost Dennis.  

My Rating: 5 
My book cover rating:  3


  1. Dear Amanda,

    I have your wonderful review posted on my website at,
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    It's reviews like this that keep us writers going.

    Kind regards,
    Pamela Frost Dennis

    1. I am a writer myself. I know exactly how important reviews are. I am so happy that I found your book. It truly is wonderful especially since it makes you ask questions about your own morality. Thank you for writing it.